Who Am I

If life gives you the chance to write the answer to this question, you will be stumped! It is perhaps the most difficult thing to write about. I got this chance because Sreeya said let’s make you a landing page for instagram. Here I am! But I still don’t have any interesting answer.

I remember reading one of those instagram quotes which I found so beautifully put.

“You are all the places you have been, the sights you have seen, the marvels you have achieved, and every soul you have touched. Each passing moment is another brushstroke on the canvas. So rise, live always with passion and heart, and someday you will look back on your life and see a work of art.”

Beau Taplin • T h e  M a s t e r p i e c e

To give you an idea of my very plain life and personality – let me try to write like I have invented a rocket or something useful. I was born in Delhi to very hardworking parents. Both set of grandparents moved from Pakistan and I have a total of 13 uncles. My mother is the only sister to her 6 brothers. Working hard, studying for steady jobs was the ultimate aim for anyone and everyone in the family. My nana was a school principal to many government schools in South Delhi so either you were a topper in the family or you had to work towards it. Typical Indian family culture of learning how to survive when you grow up.

The average ones like me were just average like how one placed Shatrughan Sinha. He did somethings – some good movies but I doubt he was ever an Amitabh Bachchan. My father worked very hard in a bank job all his life with many remote postings. There is a patch in our lives where I don’t remember seeing my father at all. He would leave for a remote village in UP early morning  – bike ride to the railway station, then a train ride, then a short trip to his branch. Back to Delhi in the evening – trip to station – train ride and bike ride  back home. My mother handled all 3 kids, household chores and everything else. I don’t remember them having a resting time during the weekdays except weekends. We didn’t get lot of “laad-pyar” but we were safe, cared for and given a stable home environment for which I am so grateful to them.  My best childhood memories consists of laughing endlessly with my siblings. That is surely a highlight from my first decade of life.

I have had a boring education – same school, a college education that was equally meh. An MBA that I completed because that was the basic for everything in the early 2000s. Finally landed a corporate job that paid me 20K in 2005 and felt like I hit a jackpot. I could buy a motorazer that I was eyeing so badly!

The other interesting aspect from my life’s second decade has been finding my life partner Mayank at 16 in the year 1998. Year 1998 was also special in another way – I found my best friend Anchal. Both these humans are luckily still going on with me with or without choice. I would use my friend Anchal’s name and home excuse and go meet my then boyfriend now husband Mayank. Fun times!

23 years later, I am lucky that I have these two apart from my siblings who know me inside out and I don’t have to try hard with them. I pick up the phone at any time of the day and start my rant.  They all give a big F to Instagram and that’s the best thing. It keeps me so levelled. They love me besides all this social media adulation that comes for free with having a public account.

Above all these, I am blessed with the joys of motherhood and my son Shiv defines what unconditional love is all about.

When I starting thinking of this, I told myself. Oh Gosh my life has been boring and plain so far. But then I got reminded of another quote I read long ago.

“A boring, stable, wholesome life is also a life worth appreciating, even if there’s less to show off on Instagram.  A reminder that whatever you don’t want—boredom, drama, irritation, heartbreak, exertion…is a kick out of our cocoon. You can wake up right here, right now—it’s never too late to fall in love with your life.” ~ Waylon Lewis

Does this life sketch tell you who am I as a person? I hope it does. Because if I write more, I would run out of blog topics. I have to leave some stuff for future blogs too. Catch you soon on this page.